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The Boy Kiss

Ficlet, Dark, 500 words

Title: An Angry Ron
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: R
Summary: Harry and Draco are meeting in the Room of Requirement. Ron finds them.
Warnings: Violence, OOC, Character Death

"What is this place?" Draco asked, looking around at a large room with all sorts of objects helpful in defense training. The walls at the back of the room were willed with hundreds of tomes about defense against dark spells. Draco was surprised to see that it was larger than his father's library of dark arts books.

"Room of Requirement," Harry answered. "Hurry up and take your clothes off; Ron will be here soon to help set up for the D.A. meeting."

In a matter of seconds, Draco had stripped, as had Harry, and they were sprawled on the ground, passionately making out. Draco was writhing under Harry as the dark-haired boy worked magic with his mouth, licking, sucking, and nibbling at every available inch of Draco's skin. Every inch

"Stop teasing, Harry, and FUCK ME!" Draco yelled. Harry complied, roughly entering his lover as they began their normal version of sex, rough, competitive, passionate.

Suddenly, the door burst open, splintering into a thousand pieces. In the doorway was a very red-faced Ron.

"Bloody Hell!" Ron yelled, gripping his wand tightly. "What the fuck?!?"

Harry had bolted upright and exited Draco so fast that Draco had not yet had a chance to recover.

"Ron," Harry said carefully. "Are you going to believe what you see…or what I tell you?"

Ron's mouth opened and closed a few times at the absurdity of that statement. "What?" he finally said, finding his voice. "What were you going to tell me you were doing, having a tea party!" Ron was fuming now, face turning purple. Harry had never seen Ron like this before, and he was very scared.

"Ron," Harry tried to protest but Ron pointed his wand at him and said "silencio". Harry's mouth moved soundlessly and he shut it.

"You were just fucking MALFOY!" Ron screamed, pointing, with his wand hand, at the blonde who was currently trying to cover up with the only garment close by—Harry's green thong. Ron's blue eyes darkened to almost black.

[I know, but…] Harry mouthed.
Avada Kedavra!" Ron bellowed, killing the blonde instantly and unexpectedly. It was gruesome, and Harry's eyes opened wide in horror as Ron turned to him, wand still raised.

Crucio! he bellowed again. Harry was immediately on the floor convulsing from the extreme pain. Were he able to make a sound, he would have been screaming in agony. But not from the pain; from the knowledge that his closest and dearest friend, the boy he had come to trust and love as a brother, the first guy he compared his cock size to, had betrayed him.

Ron lifted the curse and Harry was finally able to breathe. "Finally," Ron said with relish. "Avada Kedavra! he said, and Harry ceased to live.


In his hideout, Voldemort cackled with delight. Amazing how easy it is to manipulate honest fools.


A/N- I have no clue where this came from, but here it is. A twisted way for Voldemort to fulfill the prophecy, indeed. Please review!
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