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Hello there. this is a little communtity where you can post about anything Harry Potter. ANYTHING HP is just fine. Whether it be recs of good fics (slash, het, or gen), questions about the previously written books, or even predictions about the upcoming book(s). You can post just to say how excited you are about ordering the new book. You can talk about the movies, or JKR, or anything related to Harry Potter. Go wild.

Rules (yeah, even here there are rules)

1. Write it in normal English please. No funky internet speak. i don't understand it, and therefore get annoyed by it, and won't tolerate it. If you use it, it will be deleted. *emote*, ::emote::, adjective! Character, and things commonly used in the fanfic world are allowed. Just no, OMG or crap like that in posts. Comments like that are fine, but not in general posts. I hope I have said this enough.

2. This is a community to share your opinions. If someone says something that you don't agree with, feel free to tell them. But no being mean, and no flaming. I will scold you the first time you do it, warn you the second time, and ban you the third. If someone is abusive to you, email me. My email is listed. Do not make some sort of post complaining about a member. Send it to me. I do have free time some days ya know.

3. This is a community to share YOUR opinion. If it is said by someone else, or is used in a fic, please don't post it and claim it as your own. That is inconsiderate and rude, and it will piss me off which is not a good thing. If you use someone else's idea, be polite and mention them, like: "grantedkiss said this blah blah blah..." Okay.

4. If you choose to post a fic for any reason, please put it behind an LJ cut. If you do not, i will castrate you, even if you're female. Yes, I know how. *evil cackle* If an LJ cut is foriegn to you, ckeck out the FAQ page. i will assume that you are able enough to find it yourself.

5. If you have something to say that is rather long, post at least half of it behind a cut, or better yet, all of it. Friends pages take long enough to load, without 6 million word ramblings taking up valuable space. If someone does not use a cut, please tell them nicely.

6. Have fun. This is a very open topic community for discussion. Make friends and chat online if you want. Most of us don't bite outside of sex. *wink*